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Spiš Jerusalem (EN)

The Calvary near the Spiš Chapter is an almost forgotten complex of small religious landscaping which the original concept was practically unknown until 2002. Only thanks to the researches of landscapers and historicians can we describe its origin, function and scope today, we know that this Calvary complex is the oldest in Slovakia. Its construction took place in the years 1666 – 1675. The Calvary complex is specific for its concept, settlement in the country and architectural elements which were used. At present, it has the name which in the best way describes its function and concept: Spiš Jerusalem.

You can find the Calvary complex on the west side of Spiš Chapter and after parking your car at the parking lot it lies across the road directly opposite you. For the right understanding the symbolism of this Calvary complex, it is necessary to realize that it covers a several hectares. It is a kind of penetration of several units, which we currently perceive as seemingly unrelated due to the changes in the road network and afforestation of the territory, or agricultural activities in the 20th century. The Calvary complex includes a part of the Spiš Chapter area, then the immediately adjacent travertine area Pažica, the travertine mound Sivá Brada and the now extinct originally connected locality Rybníky (fishpools) near the village of Jablonov. The main parts of the Calvary complex are St. Martin´s Cathedral, represents the Room of the Last Supper, The Chapel of St. Rosalia which marks the location of Herod´s Palace, The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier represents the Antonia Fortress – the seat of Pontius Pilate, The Chapel of the Holy Cross symbolizes Golgotha – the place of Jesus Christ´s crucifixion and the Holy Sepulchre. The boundary of travertine area Pažica, which resembles the Old Town in Jerusalem in its dimensions and shape, is surrounded by seven torments of God which represent the fortified walls of Jerusalem. The Garden of Gethsemane was represented by now no-longer existing locality Rybníky (fishpools) near the nearby village of Jablonov.

Calvary complex is located in the Spišškopodhradské travertines and is protected by the 2nd and 4th degree of nature protection.

Within the INTERREG V-A Poland-Slovakia Programme were The Chapel of St. Rosalia and The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier repaired in 2019/2020.